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What’s the difference between purchasing Exclusive Rights (MASTERED BEAT ONLY) & Exclusive Rights (MIX/MASTER OPTION & STEMS)?

Exclusive Rights (MASTERED BEAT ONLY) is best when you want to own your beat, but you don’t need an engineer. Your beat mixed for vocals to sit perfectly in your song.

Exclusive Rights (MIX/MASTER OPTION + STEMS) is best when you don’t have an engineer and need not only your beat, but FULL SONG (vocals included) mixed/mastered for your project. Also, if you already have an engineer, you have full access to the track stems to be edited & further mixed to your liking.

Are beats downloaded automatically?

Yes. All beats purchased from the store are downloaded instantly. Only when purchasing “Exclusive Rights” with the MIX/MASTER option are your beat(s)/stems not instantly received.