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    Are you serious about your career as a recording artist? Are you looking for a unique sound to elevate your music to new heights? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to AiRyze Productions, your new source for production. Visit the blog page for news, remixes, free downloads, and other posts. Check back for new beats & updates!!!

    Whether you’re in need of that stand-out track for your mixtape, or a hit for your upcoming album…

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    Metrell: “Leave Me Alone” (Produced By AiRyze):



      Name Type Starting at
    *NEW* #MINE Hip Hop, Lyrical, Rap $25.00 Buy
    *NEW* Trust Factor Dance, Pop $25.00 Buy
    *NEW* Skittles Dance, Exclusive Only, Pop, R&B $150.00 Buy
    *NEW* What Dreams May Come Pop, R&B $25.00 Buy
    Heartless Hip Hop, Rap, Unique $25.00 Buy
    1UP Hip Hop, Rap $25.00 Buy
    Six Hip Hop, Rap, Trap $25.00 Buy
    Never Back Down Hip Hop, Rap $25.00 Buy
    Take Me Away Crossover, Exclusive Only, Pop, R&B $150.00 Buy
    The Depths Hip Hop, Horror, Rap $25.00 Buy
    Set To Zoom Hip Hop, Rap, Trap $25.00 Buy
    Sorrow’s Aria Crossover, Exclusive Only, Pop, R&B $150.00 Buy
    Let The Riddim In Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae $25.00 Buy
    New Heights Hip Hop, Rap $25.00 Buy
    Untouchable Hip Hop, Rap $25.00 Buy
    Point Of View Hip Hop, Rap $25.00 Buy
    Alternate Reality Hip Hop, Rap $25.00 Buy
    Mountains Hip Hop, Storytelling $25.00 Buy
    The One You Won’t Forget Dance, Electro, Exclusive Only, Pop $150.00 Buy
    Something Wicked… Hip Hop $25.00 Buy
    Been Too Long Hip Hop, R&B $25.00 Buy
    Rocket Launcher Exclusive Only, Hip Hop, Rap $150.00 Buy
    China Love R&B $25.00 Buy
    Take It There R&B SOLD
    Dimensions Hip Hop, Rap, Trap $25.00 Buy
    The Score Hip Hop, Rap $25.00 Buy
    Ryze To The Occasion Epic, Exclusive Only, Hip Hop SOLD
    I Love It Hip Hop, R&B, Trap $25.00 Buy
    Pendulum Club, Hip Hop, Rap $25.00 Buy
    Dream Of U R&B $25.00 Buy
    Dead Man’s Chest Exclusive Only, Hip Hop, Trap $150.00 Buy
    In Time R&B SOLD
    World’s End Hip Hop, Rap, Trap $25.00 Buy
    Natural Selection Hip Hop, R&B, Rap $25.00 Buy
    On The Run Hip Hop $25.00 Buy
    Out There Club, Hip Hop $25.00 Buy
    Love Premonition/Audio Fornication Pop, R&B $25.00 Buy
    Burnout Hip Hop, Rap, Trap $25.00 Buy
    Question Club, Hip Hop $25.00 Buy
    Wanted Hip Hop, Rap $25.00 Buy